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Essential Podcast ( $900 )


You want a one-off interview to put on your website and social media platforms.


Tell us about your product or service and we will help you craft a one-off podcast interview or short feature that will best showcase what you have to offer.




Are you an Accountant?

Make a podcast at the end of the financial year to explain to your existing and potential clients the key steps they need to take to get ready for their tax return.

Update it each year to explain the latest tax law changes. Your clients can download it and listen when they are most receptive to the information.

Think of how many times you answer the same questions about these things over the phone. Hours that you and your staff could more profitably spend doing more high-value work. Include in the podcast a Q&A about the top 5 most asked questions about tax.

The same scenario applies to many industries.


Contact Kim Napier to discover how we can help you.


Email:   kim [at] 


We have purposely not linked the email address to save ourselves from spambots who scrape sites for email addresses, please substitute the at sign at the appropriate place in the email address.


Limited Series ($750)


For a limited series of more than two and less than 6 podcasts within a 12-month period, the charge per podcast (reduced to $750 per episode).


Ongoing Series ($500)


If you want an ongoing series of podcasts of 7 or more across a a year or more, ($500 per episode for regular clients).


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