Branded Podcasts first project delivers long-lasting benefits

Haus of Denim and Lace model Chloe Miller

When Branded Podcasts launched in August 2016 our mantra was to create engaging content, using the art of storytelling for companies and businesses to use on their websites and social media channels.

Our first project was highlighting the work of a South Australian fashion designer.

The three-part series documented the start of Sarah Murphy’s design company to her eventual move from designing her own clothing line to curating vintage pieces from around the world for her online store Haus of Denim and Lace.

You made me sound interesting” – Sarah Murphy.

What Branded Podcasts the forecast, was a market for audio within eLearning and Instructional Design.

After sharing Pizza with the Founder of the ID Crowd and Learning Experience (LX) Designer, Nicole White, we fell into a mutualistic relationship.

“We’re not quite a vendor – and we’re so much more than a single contractor. We figured, why hire one person who may be strong in – say, instructional design with average visual design and development skills when you can get a whole crowd of talented learning professionals at your fingertips, who focus just on what they’re great at – when and as you need them.” Nicole White

Nicole and I quickly found applications for audio within learning experiences for her clients.

Branded Podcasts came out swinging in 2017 creating podcasts, which are simply audio files, for a large superannuation company to use as part of their on-line induction confluence, and we have been the voice of instructional videos for Newscorp and wealthdigital.

In an exciting project, Branded Podcasts again in collaboration with the ID Crowd created a series of podcasts with a not-for-profit interviewing staff and the people those companies support in the community.

Walking alongside The ID Crowd, Branded Podcasts  also engaged in a pro bono project for Good Return, a microfinance company supporting women in developing companies.

Branded Podcasts has also been present at a networking events for chuffed, CrowdFunding for Social Causes and Philanthropy in the Pub hosted by the Benevolent Society.


Haus of Denim and Lace model Chloe Miller.

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