Nicole’s a rock star and an award finalist

Nicole from ID Crowd is an AITD Excellence Awards

Nicole White from The ID Crowd has been “gushing a little” lately and rightly so (#shesarockstar), but I am going to chime in as back up singer. Sydney was a gift to me professionally and Nic has played a huge role in my experiences.

Along with AIVL and CSIRO, The ID Crowd were named as finalists in the AITD awards tin 2020, for the podcast ‘A Normal Day’ for Best use of Technology

And off the back of their LearnX Platinum Accessibility win for CSIRO, they were also a finalist for Best Diversity and Inclusion Program.

I was fortunate enough to capture the audio for these projects interviewing a number of incredible people who trusted me enough to open up and share their stories. A huge nod to Nige for the editing.

Oh, The ID Crowd and CSIRO also won not one but two Brandon Hall awards for both those projects.


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